Hello, my name is Caitlin Day.

Let's not beat around the bush. My friends call me a vagina physio. I am also known as a pelvic floor physio, a women's health physio, men's health physio, continence physio and pelvic health physio. Confusing huh? Basically, I work with people to help manage dysfunctions of the pelvis i.e. incontinence (leaky bowels or bladders), prolapse, sexual pain, constipation and more. I can also help women through pregnancy with exercise, and recovery after childbirth.

This blog will answer your questions that you might be too embarrassed to ask. I aim to raise awareness about pelvic health, pelvic floor physio and start frank conversations about all things vagina, bladders, bums and pain!

You can book an appointment with me at www.innercorephysio.co.nz. I consult at The Sandringham Physio Room, in Sandringham, Auckland.